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Just after threatening to crack the $5000 ceiling in early September, Courageous New Coin’s BLX index reveals the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) has exceeded US$5000 for the 1st time in the currency’s record. The document-breaking shift transpired following large investing on October 12th starting around 4 am eastern time in the US. Trading volumes have remained significant during the day.

About the BLX 

The Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) presents a USD denominated Bitcoin cost stage at 30-2nd intervals. The BLX was intended by mirroring information proportions that are paramount to standard financial indexes, these types of as the liquidity and the top quality of the constituent exchanges. BNC periodically assessments the mix of exchanges it utilizes for the index calculation, using into thought shifts in current market choices and allowing for new individuals that present enough liquidity and trade signals. The BLX API provides a stay feed & assist for wonderful granularity historic tick-information for bitcoin current market investing, relationship back again to the starting of investing on MtGox in early 2010. Stop-of-Day (EOD), OHLCV, Time & Volume-Weighted-Averages (T-WAP & V-WAP) are also included. 

Key Features

  • 30 2nd indexed ticks centered upon the whole trade record of every single constituent.
  • Wonderful granularity enables development of OHLCV charting at wonderful intervals.
  • Daily OHLCV, T-WAP/ V-WAP.
  • All ticks and EOD information time-stamped in UTC and released with a precision rounded to 8 decimal areas.

Key Rewards

BNC have created the Liquid Index solution in order to satisfy a market requirement for a one reliable truthful cost for Bitcoin centered on the the greater part of trustworthy real world investing action.

  • Developed to respond to sudden current market movements though avoiding index manipulation as a result of a robust index methodology.
  • Use a trustworthy, field-standard bitcoin index API, utilised by lots of blockchain field providers.
  • Obtain institutional top quality, historic & stay bitcoin cost index information as a result of an easy-to-use API.
  • Easily embed the BNC-BLX in your apps, together with websites, cell apps and other corporate apps.
  • Substantially reduce time to current market for apps that require bitcoin cost information.
  • Remove the pains and complexity of legacy feeds by making use of cloud API’s.
  • Developer documentation and added info out there on our dedicated API site.  
  • Higher and extra exact information coverage  than any other bitcoin index out there now.
  • Trader’s advantage: Technological Investigation (TA) becomes much extra exact when making use of the BNC-BLX then typical one-trade TA.

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